Floor and Roof Options for Your Home's Patio

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When you decide to build a patio in your backyard, imagine how you want to use it. Do you want an area that can accommodate a couple of deck chairs, a large dining table or a kitchen? You might want your space to contain all these things. These considerations will help you work out the best size for the patio, which will also depend on the available space. Additionally, will the space be attached to the house or further in the garden? As you mull over these aspects, you can also focus on specific details regarding the flooring and roofing. Here are some possible materials and designs.

Flooring Options

With a patio, you have almost as many flooring options as you do inside a home; however, the surface must withstand the elements and be particularly robust. One possibility is concrete. While grey cement may not be inspiring, you could choose decorative concrete that can be imbued with colours and textures. For example, lay dark charcoal concrete, score-cut with large squares to mimic slate tiles.

Stencilled concrete, another option, features patterns created with contrasting colours using a stencil to hide some areas. Stamped concrete can replicate virtually any surface, such as stone, ceramic or timber. Alternatively, lay tiles or pavers made from natural stone or porcelain. For a raised deck, you could use wood, such as treated pine or hardwood, for a rustic effect.

If the patio is attached to the house, consider the cohesiveness of the flooring in the two areas, as they will be adjacent. Your home may have beige ceramic tiles; you could offset them with a dark timber deck on the patio. In this case, the contrast will separate the zones but create harmony.

Roofing Possibilities

While flooring is essential to creating a patio space, the roofing is not, as you can have an uncovered patio. However, a roof will make the area usable in diverse weather conditions, allowing you to install furniture and features that may not suit the open air.

For a roof, you could use corrugated steel or polycarbonate sheets that allow light to flow. These materials can form a minimalist skillion roof, a traditional gabled design or a grand curved covering. To integrate the patio with the garden and give it a rustic, outdoorsy look, you could build a roof of timber beams. A transparent polycarbonate sheet above the beams will shelter the patio from the rain. A roof will protect an outdoor kitchen and comfortable sofas, giving you extra styling options. For more ideas, contact patio contractors.