Why Use Treated Sawn Timber?

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If you are looking for a suitable structural timber for your building project, then a treated sawn timber could be a viable option. What makes this timber special? Why should you consider using it? 

What Is Treated Sawn Timber?

Treated sawn timber processing turns regular pieces of wood into structural timbers. At the start of the process, your supplier cuts wood to your specifications. They then add one or more treatments to it to change the wood's features.

For example, the sawn wood sometimes goes into a specialist vacuum tank. The tank takes air out of the wood and replaces it with a preservative. This interior injection can give the wood protection from pest attacks or from internal rot.

Sometimes, you also add external protection to the sawn wood. For example, you can use pressurised treatments to coat the timber with sealants that give the wood some weather resistance. Sealants can also slow down the wood's natural drying-out period. This helps the wood stay in the right shape for your build until your job is finished.

What Are the Benefits of Using Treated Sawn Timber?

Sawn timber is a good all-round option for structural projects. You don't need extra cosmetic dressing work and finishes on structural timber. You won't usually see these timbers, so they don't need to look good.

As sawn timber needs less finishing work, it is generally cheaper than dressed timber. It is a more economical choice.

However, you do need to ensure that any structural timber you use on your build is up to the job. If wood rots, suffers from weather or water damage, or gets infested by pests, then it will get too damaged to give you the support you need.

This is where your treatments kick in. If your timber has internal preservatives, then it will last longer. It is less likely to rot. If these preservatives give the wood some pest resistance, then you won't have to worry about the timber being damaged by termites or wood-boring insects.

Plus, external coatings help keep the wood strong and healthy. These treatments are particularly useful if any parts of your wood will be exposed to the elements or to internal environmental conditions such as dampness or humidity.

So, treated sawn timber will give you all the structural strength you need. It will last longer and is less likely to fail and need repair or replacement.

For more advice on using treated sawn timber in your build, talk to your structural timber supplier.