Repainting Your Home's Exterior? Here's How To Pick A Colour

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All buildings need a little touching up every now and then, and a new paint job breathes fresh life into the exterior of any home. Picking a colour can be a bit of a stumbling block, though: Should you stick with what you've always had or go for something new and interesting? If you're considering having your home repainted, here are the five questions you should ask yourself to help you decide.

Why are you having your home repainted?

If you're repainting your home because you're preparing to sell it, you should stick with white or other relatively neutral tones that blend in with the other houses nearby. If you're simply sprucing your home's exterior up a little, go with a colour you know you'll love coming home to at the end of every day.

How are other nearby homes painted?

Some people like to blend in with the crowd, and love the idea of a uniform street where everything looks like it works harmoniously together. Other people enjoy standing out, and would like their home to be one that catches the eye of passers by. Have a look at your neighbours homes for inspiration, and think about how closely you'd like to match them.

What is your house surrounded by or near?

Another good trick is to take inspiration from the landscape. If your home is near a park, for example, accents of green or brown can be a great way to get a harmonious look. If you're in a busy metropolitan area, you could consider matching local colours or street signs for an interesting twist.

Is there a particular shade your home has always been?

Many buildings have had the same paint colour for decades, and some people develop a sentimental attachment to that colour. There are some architectural styles that tend to come with a certain palate, too, and particularly for period homes it can be a good idea to stick with that.

How much blank space do you have to work with?

If you live in a terraced home, it can be a good idea to stick with just the one standard colour for the front and then white or an accent hue for windows and decorations. If you live in a detached, semi-terraced or end-of-terrace building, however, you'll have at least one large blank wall to work with--and that wall can be a great spot to let your imagination run riot! Murals and other decorative elements are popular additions to buildings like these.

When considering house painting services, talk with the painters to learn more about how your home should be decorated.