The Secret Life of the Cardboard Box

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You may see a cardboard box as simply a receptacle, but in truth it has a myriad of uses. How can you take advantage of this simple yet flexible invention? Here are some ideas.

Car Organiser

Open the boot lid of your car and have a look at the mess in there. Chances are there's an emergency kit, some battery jumper cables, leftover oil, top up coolant. What you need is a medium-sized box as an organiser.

Laundry Basket

Do you have a laundry basket, or do you create a miniature mountain of dirty clothes in a corner of your bedroom? A couple of holes in the side of a cardboard box and you've got a makeshift laundry basket. Now can carry all your clothes to the washing machine without dropping socks every couple of steps.

Child's Toy

Do you want to keep some of your children's toys in check, so that you are not slipping over a fire engine or two in your living room? A corrugated cardboard box is perfect, especially if you get together with your kids to paint it in fun colours.

Pet Bed

Before you think about investing in one of those expensive pet beds at the local store, remember that your favourite friend has a mind of her own and may not even use it. Instead, cut down a cardboard box to the right size, throw in a blanket and soft pillow and watch what happens.

Kitty Litter Box

Don't forget the cats, either. You need somewhere for them to relieve themselves, especially if they are indoor animals. A solid cardboard box is perfect for kitty litter. Just remember to put some extra newspaper at the bottom first.

Oil Catcher

If you've got a car that is getting a bit long in the tooth, then it may be starting to leave "calling cards" on the garage floor. Trim down a cardboard box or two so that they can sit permanently at those trouble spots, catching the oil drips before they stain the concrete beneath.

Garage Sale Sign

Are you having a sale soon to get rid of accumulated junk? You need a sign or two in order to attract people to come and look at your wares. Get out a pair of scissors and snip away and your cardboard box can become your own personal billboard in no time.

Your Turn

There are so many uses for cardboard and so little time! What are you going to make next? Check out a company like Ragi Packaging Services Pty Ltd to find corrugated cardboard boxes to use for many different projects.