Tourist Guide: Top Tips for Hailing a Taxi Cab

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If you are about to travel on a trip to Australia, you may be planning to use a taxi to explore when in the major cities. There is nothing more frustrating than standing by the side of the road trying to flag a taxi cab down, only to find that everyone you see drives straight by. Below are some top tips which will help you to get a cab in double quick time.

Find a Good Spot

The best spot is, of course, the taxi rank. The benefit of using a taxi rank is that you can be certain you will get a cab. If you decide to hail a cab from the street, it is crucial that you think carefully about where you stand.

You should stand near the side of the road which has oncoming traffic heading in the direction you want to go. While it is possible to hail a cab which is going in the opposite direction, this reduces the chance that the driver will spot you from across three lanes of traffic. Hailing a cab which is heading in the opposite direction will also mean that driver has to perform a U-turn on the road or find a place to turn around, which will cost you time and money.

Step off the Kerb

If the sidewalk behind you is very busy with people coming and going, you shouldn't be afraid to step off the kerb a little, so you are more easily seen by passing cabs. However, you should be careful not to step off too far, as this will put you at risk of being involved in a road traffic accident. The last thing you want is for an ambulance to be giving you a ride rather than a taxi.


Sticking your hand out and waving is an acceptable way of getting a taxi driver's attention. If you have an umbrella, you should also wave this. However, you should avoid whistling or shouting "TAXI!". While you may see that kind of thing in Hollywood films, it isn't going to help you in real life, and it could be seen as condescending behaviour, which will reduce the chance that you will get a ride.

Make Eye Contact

As a taxi approaches, be sure to make eye contact with the driver. Steady eye contact will increase the chance that the cab will stop to pick you up rather than the guy a little further down the road. You will also be able to tell from quite a distance if the taxi is planning to stop, so you will be able to avoid waving like a maniac while a cab sails past.

If you need a cab while travelling in Australia, ask for information at the airport on arrival or contact the local tourism office for details of taxi cab companies, like United Taxis.