How-to Store Antique Jewellery

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Antique jewellery is often of significant monetary and sentimental value. With such substantial value placed on these items it is essential that antique jewellery be stored carefully, in order to adequately protect from loss or damage. As antique jewellery can be made of a variety of different materials it can be difficult to know how best to store these pieces of jewellery, there are, however, several simple steps that can be followed to keep precious items in good condition.

1. Protect antique jewellery from extreme temperatures:

Extreme temperatures can cause jewellery to become brittle and prone to breakage, whilst moisture can loosen the adhesive that holds precious gemstones in place. In order to avoid the damage that can occur to antique jewellery due to external conditions it is vital, where possible, to store items at a consistent temperature. Additionally, it is advisable to store the jewellery in a place where it is protected from both moisture and direct sunlight.

2. Store items of antique jewellery individually:

When stored together items of antique jewellery can knock against one another causing scratches or the tarnishing of soft metals. Furthermore, storing jewellery on chains in a shared space can cause the pieces to become tangled together, causing permanent damage when it comes to trying to detangle the items. In order to avoid issues such as these, it is essential to store items of antique jewellery individually

3. Wrap each individual item of antique jewellery:

Many items of antique jewellery are sold in boxes that can seem ideal for the necessary individual storage mentioned about. However, whilst these boxes are adequate for short-term storage, they often contain sulphur that, over time, can cause degradation to the pieces of items they contain. To prevent this potential degradation, and to protect jewellery from the elements, it is prudent to wrap each individual item in acid-free tissue paper, before storing each piece in its own soft-cloth bag.

4. Get an up-to-date valuation of your antique jewellery

Even when storing antique jewellery in the best possible way, accidents - such as fire of theft - can still occur. Although many pieces of antique jewellery hold priceless sentimental value and are irreplaceable to their owners, making sure that each item is insured, based on a up-to-date valuation of its worth, can ensure that owners don't end up out of pocket.

As an owner of antique jewellery, taking these simple steps to protect precious items can not only ensure the items hold their current value, but also it's the best way to make sure that pieces of every item continues to last for years to come. For more information, contact a business such as Chilton's Antiques.