4 Fantastic Things You Can Add to Your Truck Mounted Attenuator

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If you are part of a road crew that works on or near busy highways, a truck mounted attenuator is a vital piece of equipment. A truck mounted attenuator will help you to make traffic aware of your position while also helping to absorb any shock from an impact if a collision does occur. There are many add-ons which can enhance your truck-mounted attenuator. Below is a guide to the benefits of these add-ons.

LED strobe lighting

Installing LED strobe lighting on your truck mounted attenuator is a great way to ensure you capture the attention of passing traffic. LED strobe lights can be programmed to flash on and off or to light in sequence so it appears the strobes are moving. This allows other motorists to clearly distinguish your truck from other light sources such as headlights and signage on the highway.

Automatic traffic cone picker and placer

Placing and picking traffic cones on the highway is one of the most time-consuming and dangerous jobs for any road crew. By investing in an automatic traffic cone picker and placer, you can complete the job quickly and safely. An automatic cone add-on which ensures cones are placed at even distances and remove the need for your workforce to be in the road in as they place or pick traffic cones.

Rear camera

Having an attenuator located on the rear of your truck can make reversing a challenge, as it extends the length of the vehicle while also obscuring your view. To avoid hitting one of your road crew or another obstacle or vehicle, you should consider installing a rear camera on the attenuator. This will allow you to view what is to the rear of your truck at all times.

Removable racks

Truck-mounted attenuators can also be used as an additional storage space. However, it can sometimes be difficult to access stored items if storage racks are in the way. By installing removable racks, you can make it easy to access any signage, tools, or other items you are carrying on the back of your attenuator. Removable racks will also prevent your road crew from having to climb onto the back of your truck in order to load or unload items they need to complete the job.

If you would like more information about the benefits of truck mounted attenuators and the various add-ons available, contact a professional road repair equipment company like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd for further help and advice.